Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't Thank Me!

I've been released, I have to go.
You want to say thanks, but please, no -
I must thank you, I've been over paid,
At my door were the blessings laid.

If I looked extra happy, when doing my job
It's because I felt needed, by my friends and my God.
I've stored away treasures in Heaven this year
And gained new friendships, I'll always hold dear.

My testimony has been enriched
Some old habits I've even ditched.
So you see I've gained, and what did I give?
Did I do my best, and a good example live?

Well, - the good Lord and I - we know I tried,
But could have done better, that can't be denied.
So please don't thank me, I want to thank you,
For the encouragement, the help. those things that you do.

But especially to thank the Lord up above
For His mercy, His wisdom, His counsel and love
And pray that soon He'll choose me again
To help serve - and be helped by me fellow men.

barbara cope
copyright 1964

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  1. Thanks for postin this one. I had forgotten about it and needed it.